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From the idyllic Southern Burgenland and proud Vas County, both in Western-Pannonia, to the most northern European wine pioneers in Groesbeek and the historically rich Saale-Unstrut river landscape, trekking and tasting around in green Vipava valley, biking alongside the sweet slopes and Danube strands of Ilok-Srijem, until finding endless sun, funny people and full bodied wines in the mountains of Bullas.

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News / Discovering the Secretwine Walks of the 'Venta del Pino' place

Bullas, Thursday, 5th November 2015 20:38

Next 14th of October a new edition of the Wine Route of Bullas "SecretWine Walks" will be celebrated. A Route that encourage us to discover some of the most emblematic and hidden places of the northwest Region of Murcia, traditionally linked to the wine culture.

In this second edition, participants will go over "Venta del Pino" landscape. They will walk through vineyards, enjoying the nature that surround the place to end in the winery called "Lavia".

The activity starts at 10 a.m. from the Wine Museum of Bullas. One bus will take everybody to "Venta del Pino" where it will begin the walk across the hills named "Los Cuchillos" and "Lavia", situated over 1.200 meters of altitude. In that area you can see the native grape "Monastrell" which survive to the climate conditions.

Around 12.45 a.m. it will be visited the winery "Lavia" where they mix high technology and tradition to extract all the potential from the grapes in each harvest.

Later, one restaurant belonging to the Route will offer a special meal and, after that, this is optional, in the afternoon, people who desire can see the Wine Museum.

The Agency "Entredestinos" helps with the registration forms. Also, you can call to the telephone number +34 968 00 22 41 or you can go for more details to the Wine Museum of Bullas in Murcia Avenue.