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From the idyllic Southern Burgenland and proud Vas County, both in Western-Pannonia, to the most northern European wine pioneers in Groesbeek and the historically rich Saale-Unstrut river landscape, trekking and tasting around in green Vipava valley, biking alongside the sweet slopes and Danube strands of Ilok-Srijem, until finding endless sun, funny people and full bodied wines in the mountains of Bullas.

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Tourism offers / Actively along the Rába river - 4 days

Wednesday, 1st July 2015

Spend your weekend here - Program offers at the Vasi Hegyhát-Rábamente Region
  1. 1. day:Visiting the famous Arboretum of Jeli in the vicinity of the village of Kám. One of the most beautiful arboretums in Europe features special rhododendrons and other evergreens. Take a walk for several hours in beautiful surroundings with fairgrounds, resting places and soothing spring water. Pálinka-tasting combined with a visit to the distillery in Győrvár at the Birkás Distillery. 
    2. day: In the morning: bicycle tour from Oszkó to Csehimindszent (approximately 20 km): start from the rental at the Community House, visiting the wine-press houses with thatched roof and centuries old oak-trees on the Oszkó wine hill. The target is Csehimindszent, the birthplace of József Mindszenty, the Prince Primate, then back to Oszkó, where you can taste and buy wines in the HatármentiVinotheque.In the afternoon: Muscle relaxing bathing in the Szentkút Spa in Vasvár.
  2. 3. day: In the morning: guided canoeing on the Rába river. We start from Körmend and moor up at Rábahidvég. In the afternoon:walk along the study-path in the Csodaszarvas Landscape-Park, petting zoo with autochthonous animals, playground, forest ropeway for the Big and Small, fishing
  1. 4. day: Discovering the Szajk lakes in the vicinity of Hosszúpereszteg: test your strength and bravery in the adventure park, the lake surrounded by forests invites to sunbathing and offers infinite fishing opportunities. 

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