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From the idyllic Southern Burgenland and proud Vas County, both in Western-Pannonia, to the most northern European wine pioneers in Groesbeek and the historically rich Saale-Unstrut river landscape, trekking and tasting around in green Vipava valley, biking alongside the sweet slopes and Danube strands of Ilok-Srijem, until finding endless sun, funny people and full bodied wines in the mountains of Bullas.

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Tourism offers / The wine is protagonist in the Hotel SG Bullas

Monday, 1st June 2015 17:59 - Tuesday, 30th June 2015 17:59

Take a break and come to Bullas to live an unique experience with wines such as main attraction.


Please your senses with an escape for two couple to the interior of the Region of Murcia, enjoy the visit to one of the wineries of the area and taste wines belonging to the Origin Denomination of Bullas.

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Price:35 €